Safety Protocol for Church Re-Opening

Updated: Apr 14

1. You are required to wear a mask from the moment you exit your vehicle to the moment you return to your vehicle for departure. Your mask must remain on throughout the entire service and must always cover your mouth and nose.

2. Upon entering the Lobby, a designated volunteer will be taking your temperature with a touch-free thermometer as well as ask you questions about your health. People with temperature readings above 99.5 degrees Fahrenheit, cough, or shortness of breath will be asked to return home.

3. You will be escorted to a touch-free hand sanitizing station and will be required to properly sanitize your hands upon entry.

4. Upon entering the sanctuary, you will be escorted to your seat by a volunteer. There is a possibility that you will be seated in an area different to what you are accustomed to, we ask that you kindly comply as there will be no reserved seating.

5. Our church has restricted some areas where there will be prohibited seating to ensure everyone practices social distancing guidelines. Everyone in attendance will be seated 6 feet apart, only household members who enter the church together may be seated as a group.

6. All Physical Contact is prohibited.

7. Once the service is over, remain seated until you receive instructions on how to safely vacate the sanctuary.

8. We ask that all our members be mindful of our volunteers who are serving out of the kindness of their hearts and are prioritizing your safety. We know we can count on your obedience and courtesy!

Please note that: - Adults over the age of 65 are strongly encouraged to stay home and watch us online

- Children's Church is now available on Sundays and will follow the same guidelines listed above

- Keep in mind that there will be no Sunday School and service will start promptly with worship

- Our online services will resume for your convenience

- Same guidelines will be followed for our Wednesday Service

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